"Andy Boyer has been our agent for many years, since his boys were very young! I have never had any problems with my multiple policies and Andy has made sure my assets have been covered (no pun Intended), something that wasn't true with another insurance agency. I recommend Insurance Concepts as they are honest and look out for your best interests.”

Kerry Davis

"Andy, thank you very much for a great job! I am happy with the work Andy and Insurance Concepts have provided! It’s been more than 5 years that Andy has been getting me good deals; on Business, Auto & Health Insurance!
Andy Boyer is very professional and he works hard to find the best deal, like a good Friend!"

Andrei Tokarev, A.T. Clean

"Brian Church at Insurance Concepts has been a fantastic insurance agent for my family and me the past 20 years. He is responsive and prompt in his communication and his staff is always ready to help answer questions and look into our needs. We check in regularly and make adjustments as needed, even switching over our whole insurance portfolio last year after an analysis showed we could get our insurance needs met with better pricing through another one of Insurance Concepts' insurance providers. Insurance Concepts is an insurance broker, so they will analyze your needs and set you up with an insurance provider that best meets your needs at the most reasonable cost. Don't forget that low premiums isn't everything when shopping for insurance. You also want prompt, hassle-free service and fair benefits payouts when something happens and you need to make a claim. And that's where Brian Church and Insurance Concepts have shown their value and have guided us well."

Chris VanDam

"Thanks, Brian. You are so on top of things compared to agents I've worked with."

Mark Moffit

"I am a long-time and devoted customer of Insurance Concepts and have referred many friends and family to this agency. We have auto, home and an umbrella policy with them. The level of personal service and genuine care for me, my family and our property is unsurpassed in my experience. When I have had claims, Insurance Concepts helped me and my wife resolve them quickly, efficiently and empathetically. They have walked us through some very stressful situations. They are always available and very patient in answering questions about the right coverage and the right product for our situation. I have always felt that the focus of Insurance Concepts is providing what is best for my family and not what is best for their bottom line. As a professional, myself, I strive to make sure my clients’ needs are always taken care of; I am glad I’ve found an agency that treats me the same way."

Sean Reyes

"I just wanted to say the people over at insurance concepts are great I personally have insurance through them, and I send customers from my dealership that might be looking for insurance for there boats snowmobiles atv and water craft, they have been great because my customers have all told me how much they like insurance concepts because it is not just a insurance company they are your friends and get them better rates."

Drew Adamson, High Adventure Power Sports & Marine

"Andy first helped me with Earth Quake insurance. He was super helpful and professional. When the time came to renew auto insurance Andy again was extremely helpful. I appreciated his in depth and quick response. His personal attention to my insurance needs convinced me to transfer all of my insurance."

Mike Berry

"Andy, Have you ever been told you are the best insurance agent ever!!!! I hope people praise you often because you are amazing."

Aimee Evans

"I switched to Insurance Concepts a few years ago based on the low prices they were able to offer for all of my home and auto needs. What I've learned since then is that Brian and his team consistently provide amazing customer service as well. This is especially important since I live in Arizona. They are always available to answer my questions and frequently review my policies to make sure I'm getting the best and most affordable coverage."

Jason Wiser

“Rod Mill has been my agent, advisor and friend for a number of years. I entrust to Rod all of my personal and business insurance matters. As an attorney, I know how important asset protection planning is. That’s why Rod and I have implemented an asset protection insurance plan that gives me, my family and my business “peace of mind” in a volatile world.”
Matthew L. Mitton, Attorney, Salt Lake City, Utah

"Hi Brian:
I just wanted to thank you and all the great people that have helped us on this case. Steph came over Fri to look at Alysses car and she helped take care of the bill I paid for the radiator. I will call her to give her my personal thanks as well. You "guys" really run a very professional and customer service oriented business. I would certainly recommend Progressive to anyone hunting for new auto insurance."


"Recently, I was facing a challenge of multiple cars, younger drivers, rising rates, and other factors that were putting the price out of my reach. Some of the cut rate plans started to seem attractive just to reduce costs, but I was afraid of how taking drastic measure would affect my risk exposure. After all, what good is insurance if it doesn’t really cover you when you need it? Sending Brian an email asking for a meeting turned out to be a great help for me. Several concerns were discussed and considered as we tried to find just the right solution that would fit my needs and my budget. The best help, was that he knew which providers had products that matched best with all my family’s needs. Many times over the years that I have worked with Brian, he has been able to steer me toward the right solutions, fix mistakes I have made, and keep me informed when changes in the insurance world affect my coverage."

Matt H.