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The income lost as a result of a network or other computer system disruption can have a catastrophic effect on a business's profitability.

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Cyber Business Interruption

Business interruption is the income a business can lose as a result of a network disruption to the insured’s systems.

  • Many companies now outsource business critical IT processes like card payment processing or data storage.
  • Today's cyber policies should also provide coverage for dependent business interruption. This indemnifies the insured for loss of income due to a vendor, such as a payment processor, suffering a service outage due to security breach.
  • Expansions of coverage can be provided to cover more than just business interruption due to a security breach. Discuss these options with your RPS broker.

Digital Asset Restoration

This covers the costs incurred by the insured to restore affected data after a breach event or if security is compromised.

Cyber Reputation Business Income Loss

This covers earnings loss due to the loss of current or future customers (usually within 12 months) from a data breach or network interruption event